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The Asam family, owners of the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown, was recently honored by the West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association with an Award for Excellence in Tourism Development at the 9th Annual Hospitality University Conference at the Greenbrier Resort. President Christian Asam accepted the award on behalf of the family.

The judges noted these remarks from the nominations:

"Recently, The Bavarian Inn celebrated 40 years of operation and once again set their sites on expanding this world-class destination located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Over the years, the Asam family has dedicated themselves to providing the ultimate visitor experience with top-notch customer service and fabulous amenities. Their latest initiative is a multi-million dollar renovation project including the exciting addition of a classic brew pub.

This is a family re-investing in something they built. They recognized the need to reinvent and offer new things to their guests and they have made a significant investment in money, time, love and passion to make it happen."

Congratulations Bavarian Inn!